Oolong Teas

Blue People Ginseng Oolong

Taiwanese high mountain oolong tea blended with premium ginseng powder and licorice root. The combination creates a tropical fruit like aroma that ends with a complex honey like sweet flavor that promotes natural energy, focus, and concentration.

Ginseng is derived from the Chinese term "Ren Shen" which refers to "Man Herb" as this herb takes the shape of a human body. "Lan Gui Ren" also can be translated to Lady Orchid or Blue Royalty. Blue people takes it's original name and adds a newfound twist in this hip modern age.

A blend destined to find it's way to provide sustainable energy that even coffee drinkers may find enjoyable. Taiwanese high mountain oolong tea with panax ginseng powder and licorice root. Ginseng is known in traditional Chinese medicine to promote yang energy while licorice root can help to alleviate those with sore throats. The triple blend result is a mellow flavor that is complex and sweet on the palate with a lingering effect. Perfect for those individuals who are seeking to transition from coffee to tea as this tea promotes natural physical energy, sustainable focus, and improved cognitive concentration.

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