Welcome to Our Teavana

Vital Tea Leaf offers a modern twist on the traditional notion of Chinese tea. Modeled after a wine bar with complimentary tastings, and offering the finest loose leaf teas from China and Taiwan with a selection of more than one hundred varieties. In addition to loose leaf teas, herbal infusions, and flower blossoms, we also offer an assortment of glass, porcelain, purple clay teapots, and other tea accessories. Our shop has been featured on many international culinary and travel television shows. Our most memorable show was featured on Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy, where he was given an introductory course on Chinese tea by our great Uncle Gee. 


Every year, the family operated shop led by Uncle Gee and Ming travel extensively through China to visit directly with tea growers and vendors and return with a bounty that will accommodate a variety of tastes and interest. Everything from Jasmine Pearl, an aromatic and delicate blend sure to soothe and relax, to the Blue People Ginseng Oolong, a roasted blend that will ignite warmth and energy to the body, to the aged Pu-erh teas that sure will help settle and ease the digestive system after a heavy meal.


Whether you are new tea drinker or an aficionado tea drinker, in our shops, our knowledgeable staff will assist and educate you with your selection of teas based on their flavors and health benefits. Whether you wanted to boost antioxidant levels, increase blood circulation, improve your complexion, reduce anxiety, or just searching for a delicious new beverage, visit Vital Tea Leaf today to experience hospitality and the vitality of fine Chinese teas.