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Dear loyal Vital Tea leaf patrons, we are currently undergoing a new website integration and will be up and running in the near future. The new site will make the checkout process much more seamless. Please contact us at 415-981-9322 or 415-544-9838 in the interim for any orders you would like placed. We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep everyone updated as soon as we launch. Thank you!!

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Attention Vital Tea Leaf patrons & Uncle Gee fans, please note that we are not in any way affiliated with any tea companies outside of San Francisco & Seattle. Many tea companies have used my name Uncle Gee as a means to direct our patrons to their site without any consent from myself. Please proceed with caution when visiting other sites that may use Vital Tea Leaf's name and teas. The site that you have come to visit today is the real authentic site of Vital Tea Leaf and our products. Please advise us by phone or email if you have come across any type of similar activity from other companies.

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New products

Lychee Black (4 oz)
Naturally sweet, smooth flavor tea…a great anytime drinking tea for those who like their tea sweet without adding sugar. Good for a dessert tea.
$ 12.00
Money Pick (4 oz)
Iron goddess oolong from Anxi county in Fujian province. Slightly oxidized, resulting in a smooth flavor with hints of refreshing orchids.
$ 40.00


Black Pearl Supreme Oolong (4 oz)
High mountain green tea from TaiWan and it has been fermented and aged for years.
$ 33.00
Chammomile (4 oz)
Soothing & relaxing great for sleeping and late night beverage.
$ 15.00


Lemon Green Tea (4 oz)
Chinese Green Tea blended with Lemon. For anti-oxidant, congestion, calming, and relaxing.
$ 15.00
Mint Green Tea (4 oz)
Chinese Green Tea blended with Mint. For anti-oxidant, congestion, calming, and relaxing.
$ 15.00