Jasmine Pearl

When you step into a Chinese restaurant, what is the type of tea that is often served? Can you smell it? It's that sweet fragrance and aroma of Jasmine petals. This classic tea is the staple that compliments even the richest of Chinese cuisines. 

Jasmine Pearls or often called Dragon or Phoenix Pearls is a white tea from Fujian province blended with sweet jasmine petals from Guangxi province. Each pearl is individually handrolled and then layered with jasmine petals. The result is a smooth and delicate balance with undertones of citrus notes that is reminiscent of an orange peel with the refreshing and aromatic jasmine flavor.

May be used in aromatherapy, to help calm and relax the body and soul. Great choice for everyday drinking with it's low caffeine content as a white tea. White tea may help to boost immunity levels which can help when feeling under the weather, and has high amounts of antioxidants that may help to combat free radicals that causes aging and inflammatory problems. Since day one, this tea has become one of our most popular and best selling teas.

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