White Dragon Well

Long Jing or Lung Ching as known by most as Dragon Well Tea. This particular variety of Dragon Well is a white tea that is pan-fired or pan-roasted from Hangzhou's West Lake in Zhejiang province. Many describe Dragon Well Tea as the Princess of Teas in China.

Dragon Well tea is produced mainly by hand and often renowned for it's high quality. Due to it's minimal exposure to oxidation, this tea contains a high amount of vitamin C, amino acids, and catechins. It's unique pan-fired and pan-roasted process yields a pale yellowish white green liquor that brings out it's creamy nutty flavor with hints of sunflower essence.
Dragon Well tea is unlike any tea imaginable with it's unique processing by hand from skilled tea crafters. The 10 distinct hand movements and pressing of the fine leaves by the skilled artist creates the beautifully shaped leaves. When brewed, you can smell and taste the wok used to toss the leaves. More delicate than it's green tea counterpart. The flavor is pure and smooth with hints of roasted chestnuts and sunflower essence. One sip and you will have refined your palate with royalty.