Red Robe

A highly prized red oolong, Red Robe is the Pao Chong varietal grown in the rocky, mountainous area of WuYi, heavily fired to give it a unique character and depth of flavor. 

The name comes from a legend that states the mother of the Ming Emperor became sick and a court official, who had been cured with the tea given to him by a monk, brought the tea to her and she recovered. In gratitude, the Emperor would order that when scholars went to visit the trees, they should take off their scholarly robes (pao) and use them to protect the trees. Between its status as a fabled tribute tea to the Emperor and its richness of flavors Da Hong Pao is so prized, it is the tea for tea masters, with high quality pickings claimed to be some of the most expensive teas in the world. 

A deep bodied tea with a smokey sweet quality that ranges from pan fried stone fruits to burnt-honey to smoked caramel. Red Robe can be enjoyed after a meal to aid digestion. 

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