Iron Goddess King

Iron Goddess of Mercy or also known in the tea industry as "Tie Guan Yin" is the staple Chinese Oolong tea of Fujian Province. Famously named after the Guan Yin, who is the female embodiment of the Buddha. With a spinach like vegetal aroma that beautifully transforms into a gardenia and honeysuckle like flavor that ends in a subtle fruit like aftertaste, reminiscent of apricot and peaches.  

Oolong teas are considered to be the most complex and complicated tea to produce and require a tea master's great skill and experience to craft their wide range of flavors. Iron Goddess King Oolong tea is no different and has to be achieved with a 30-40% oxidation rate. If processed correctly, the result will yield earthy, herbaceous and vegetal characteristics, and roasted notes balanced with slight floral notes of jasmine, gardenia, and honeysuckle. There are more than meets the eye when it comes to Oolong teas that are produced from the Anxi county of Fujian province.

Iron Goddess King sounds like an oxymoron but surely enough this tea proclaims itself as the supreme king of all Iron Goddess tea leaves.Once unfurled, the leaves reveal a mature level of oxidation that sears the green leaves lightly brown. Due to it's oxidation, Iron Goddess may aid in digestion while providing a slight boost of caffeine high that is perfect right after lunch or an early dinner. This Oolong tea is the perfect balance between price and taste.

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