Organic Genmaicha (Rice Tea)

Genmaicha, also known as roasted brown rice tea or "popcorn tea" because grains of the rice pop during the roasting process and closely resemble popcorn. Originally created by the lower class Japanese, who utilized the rice to create a filler and depreciated the cost of the tea.

Genmaicha is a green tea that uses smooth and rich Sencha tea leaves as the base to combine with the nutty and toasty notes of roasted brown rice. The combination infuses a light yellowish hue, that delivers fresh grassy flavors with the aromas of roasted rice.

Genmaicha provides it's drinkers with smooth and grassy flavors from Sencha green tea combined with the toasty notes of roasted brown rice. But don't let the pale yellow infusion deceive you as you reveal sweet aromatics of sesame and roasted barleys and nuts that will take you on cruise control for several infusions. A perfectly balanced tea that complements seafood very well, no wonder why it's always served with sushi.