Earl Grey

Earl Grey tea received it's name after the Prime Minister of England. As story suggest that it was the Prime Minister himself who had saved the Mandarin. This particular type of black tea is from England which traditionally is a blend of Chinese and Indian teas.

Black teas are fuller body and provide more of a robust flavor profile. Earl Grey adds another dimension of complexity as it is known to have a distinctive citrus flavor and aroma that is derived from the addition of oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange. Due to it's popularity, there are many different varieties and infusions created with Earl Grey.

Earl Grey, made famous by the Prime Minister of England himself. It's users will extract a caramelized copper hue that is rich in citrus notes from the bergamot orange with the sweet malty flavors. One sip and you instantly feel a full body experience from the aroma, color, and flavor that blends harmoniously like an instrument.

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