White Teas

Supreme White Peony

Pai Mu Tan or Bai Mu Dan's literal translation is "White Peony". It is a type of white tea from the Fujian Province in China made from the plucks each with one tender shoots and two young leaves. Considered to be the highest grade of reasonably priced white tea.

White teas are considered the rarest and the most delicate of all teas. Due to that nature, the processing of these leaves require a delicate and gentle hand. Pai Mu Tan's processing may be somewhat simpler than other teas, but it's longer processing time and variable factors has far more impact on it's final result. Pai Mu Tan's bright yellowish gold liquor is floral, milky, and remarkably smooth with little to no astringency.

Pai Mu Tan when infused displays a bright yellowish golden hue like smooth butter. The first infusion can instill a creamy milkiness that resembles soybeans with undertones of sweet floral notes. As it peaks, the pronounced floral notes comes alive like a peony flower blossoming.  

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