Oolong Teas

Duck Shit Aroma Oolong

Duck Shit Aroma Oolong or also know as (Ya Shi Xiang) is a recently popular Mainland Chinese green oolong with a simple yet complex flavor with a provocative name. 

An off shoot of the popular Dan Cong Phoenix varietal of Guangdong, this tea was named for its creator dodging all questions about his production secrets with a dismissive explanation of "Duck Shit!" The Unique soil conditions to the area were seen as yellowish and murky brown. Thus, this gave reason for it's producers to mislead outsiders to believe that Duck Shit were used in the production of this tea. 

At first sip, one would compare this to Iron Goddess King or a Tie Guan Yin with it's pronounced floral notes. As one continues to discover this tea, undertones of sweet fruity notes that resemble papaya start to arise. Being that it is a Dan Cong variety, it's slightly sweet floral is clashing nicely together with the sweet fruity notes of Iron Goddess.   


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