Green Teas

Jade Spring

Jade Spring or also known as "Bi Lo Chun" is originally from Jiang Su province in eastern China.

The Natural flavors of this green tea will keep you wondering how they acquire the fresh grassy flavors reminiscent of fresh cut grass. You will first embody the fresh aroma and grassy flavors. Then as you reinfuse the leaves, you will discover the flavors intensify with hints of roasty and smoky notes. But yet, the tea is smooth and delicate. 

Bi Lo Chun with just a slight oxidation of 5-10% only to give it that roasted smokiness that hits the palate. It's dry aroma is fresh and grassy like fresh mowed lawn. Once wet, the pronounced smokiness arouses the nose and is noted from beginning to end. Provides general health benefits that are typically associated with green teas that include detoxing, cleansing, immunity, and metabolism boosting. 



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